Nailed It!

Four Chapters with seven lessons including a digital performance track, an option for video submission and feedback and a final live master class

    1. Welcome Message!

    1. Lesson 1: Selecting Repertoire

    2. Select Your Song (Video)

    3. Nailed It: Rep Selection Pointers

    4. Lesson 2: Singing With a Pre-recorded Track or a Live Accompanist

    5. Singing With a Track vs. Live Accompanist

    6. How to Locate Sheet Music

    1. Lesson 1: Learning Your Music, Storytelling & Finding the Arc

    2. A Singer’s Process of Learning a Song

    3. Assignment: Creating Your Vocal Roadmap & Finding the Arc (Video)

    4. Lesson 2: Celebrating Your Voice

    5. Nailed It! Beginner Intermediate Warmup Instructions (Written)

    6. Nailed It!Warmups Beginner:Intermediate Audio File

    1. Lesson 1: Technical Aspects of Filming

    2. Technical Requirements Explanation (Video)

    3. Audition Video Example - Short Cut

    4. Video Example - Full Song

    5. Lesson 2 Marking Your Cuts for Success

    6. Song Cuts: Cutting Your Song for Auditions

    7. Cockeyed Optimist Easy Cut w-Markings

    8. I Found A New Baby Cut (more complex)

    9. Lesson 3: Live Performance Prep BIG NEWS

    1. Live Performance Class or Video Submission

Attain Your Goal & Land That Role

  • $200.00
  • 23 lessons
  • Hello singers! I am so happy that you’ve joined Nailed It! I look forward to helping you attain that goal and get the role! In this course we are going to select, prepare and perform the audition or performance cut that best reflects the most wonderful qualities of your voice and who you are. All lessons are available for you to complete on your own time frame in a space that makes you most comfortable. The opportunity for questions and feedback is available after completion of each lesson. You can opt to submit a video for written feedback, and the final lesson will be a live scheduled class via Zoom where you can perform your song or cut and learn from others’s performances.